The training program "Strategic Framework of public advocacy"


The training program "Strategic Framework of public advocacy" was implemented from 14 - 17 April 2014 in Bar (for organizations from Bar and Kotor) and in Podgorica (for organizations from Niksic and Podgorica). Withing smaller groups. the participants had the opportunity to go through the most important elements that are needed to be able to create a project for public advocacy. The theoretical part was followed by the work of the participants who were trained in small groups to develop the framework of public advocacy project.

Each group did a presentation of their work and then through discussion, came up with the best suggestions and solutions. In addition to group work, in order to gain a better insight into the skills needed for advocacy, the participants had rotation groups, simulations and role play.

The training lasted for two days in each municipality and it was divided into six sessions which contained the most important parts of public advocacy. The contents of the training:

Session 1: Introduction to public advocacy. Elements of public advocacy and differences in relation to other forms of public involvement

Session 2: Selection and analysis of topics. Defining the issues, goals and objectives of public advocacy - work in groups

Session 3: Selection and analysis of the target audience. Defining primary and secondary target groups and mapping of power - rotation group work.

Session 4: Strategic Communication. Creating a message for public advocacy - group work and simulation

Session 5: Creating networks and coalitions. Strengths and weaknesses of network / coalition support - role play

Session 6: Planning and monitoring of public advocacy. Setting the Plan for advocacy activities - group work and presentations

This was the third training module which has been implemented in order to increase the capacity of organizations involved in the project. The facilitator of the training was Radmila Miković.

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