In accordance with its mission to promote, to advocate and to improve the quality of life of people in need, Caritas BN has started a project in the field of promotion of mental health - OPEN MIND.


This project was a result of the need to improve social and political representation of people with mental health problems in Montenegro and in order to strengthen and improve activities of the Montenegrin NGO sector working in this field. Our partner in this project is Caritas Italiana, and the project is co-financed by EU funds. Duration of the project is 2 years, and it is being implemented in four municipalities: Bar, Podgorica, Kotor i Nikšić.

The project will deal with some of the basic problems concerning the field of Mental Health:

  • Low social participation and political representation of the mentally ill who are often away from their communities and who are isolated in closed institutions;
  • Little space is given to topics related to mental health and vulnerable groups in the political agenda and in public debates;
  • Lack of cooperation between the health and social sectors, and between government and non-governmental actors in the field of mental health;
  • The stigma that exists in the Montenegrin society towards people with mental health problems, which makes their inclusion in society more difficult.

Also part of the project activities will focus on strengthening and capacity building of NGOs. It is planned that the technical capacities of 20 non-governmental organizations be promoted through special trainings and exchange of experiences with other local, national and EU NGOs. Trainings proposed by the project will cover and strengthen all major aspects of the NGOs: the quality of internal management, the ability to write projects and seeking finance, advocacy and lobbying, the methodology of self-help and mutual help.

As part of the activities, is planned to establish working groups in each of the cities that would represent some kind of forum where people from different branches had the opportunity to talk about the problems of people who have problems with mental health. Working groups will consist of representatives of NGOs, government institutions, patients and their families, professionals in the health and social issues, media and other interested in this field, and will deal with the design of local policies in this area. The formation of these teams is the first expected results of the project and an innovative approach that aims to promote cooperation between public institutions on the one hand and civil society and mental health services on the other.



• Higher quality of political representation of the NGOs involved in the protection of vulnerable groups with a focus on organizations that deal with mental health

• To provide support to NGOs dealing with mental health in order for this target group to become an active participant in social and political life;

• To create new opportunities for NGOs involved in the decision-making and to promote dialogue with the government sector;

• To promote social reintegration of people with mental health problems in Montenegro.



• 20 NGOs working with this target group

• 100 people with mental health problems 100 people with mental health problems




• 20 CSOs have been trained and exchanged the experiences;

• 100 people informed about EU standards in mental health

• 4 Working groups activated with 80 participants, meeting at least 3 times per year

• 10 awareness campaigns organized

• Production of promotional material (video, website, brochures, posters)

• 5000 people sensitized


  • Follows us our servcies