Mental health in Montenegro

In accordance with its mission to promote, to advocate and to improve the quality of life of people in need, Caritas BN has started a project in the field of promotion of mental health - OPEN MIND.

This project was a result of the need to improve social and political representation of people with mental health problems in Montenegro and in order to strengthen and improve activities of the Montenegrin NGO sector working in this field.

Our partner in this project is Caritas Italiana, and the project is co-financed by EU funds. Duration of the project is 2 years, and it is being implemented in four municipalities: Bar, Podgorica, Kotor i Nikšić.

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Realizacija ovog sajta je dio projekta OPEN MIND koji Caritas Barske nadbiskupije
sprovodi sa partnerima Caritasom Italije i Associazione Trentino con i Balcani a kofinansiran je sredstvima EU


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